Isobel Duxfield

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Brussels Region, Belgium
POLIS Network
Communications and membership officer
  • News - Updated: 04 Jul 2022 - 10:55:23
    Cities are striving to provide inclusive public transport for all. This cannot and will not be achieved without tackling gender and homophobic-based violence across our transit systems. While this is...
  • News - Updated: 27 Jun 2022 - 17:54:45
    The latest European Shared Mobility Index has been released, examining market evolution in a range of European cities. The European Shared Mobility Index provides a quarterly snapshot of the market...
  • News - Updated: 20 Jun 2022 - 13:17:10
    The plenary session of the European Parliament has backed its committee in requiring that from 2035 all new cars and vans will have to be zero emission. The legislation is a key part of the...
  • News - Updated: 15 Jun 2022 - 13:04:39
    Mobility systems can make or break socio-economic equality in our cities. Access to employment, healthcare, education (and more) hinge on one’s access to transport. As new technologies and mobility...
  • News - Updated: 06 Jun 2022 - 09:52:30
    In Belgium, fatalities and injuries resulting from road traffic accidents are rising, compared to the Covid-affected year of 2021. A total of 111 people died in traffic accidents in the first three...
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