Finland sets up working group for development of alternative fuel infrastructure

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 08 Jun 2022

Finland, as in many other countries, is focusing on delivering a green transition in the transport sector. In addition to a shift to sustainable transport modes, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources will take a key role in this transition. In order to support this, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has created a new working group to plan the roll-out of the necessary charging and fuelling infrastructure networks nationwide.

The group will begin its work with a stock-taking exercise that will identify existing charging and fuelling infrastructure, relevant policy measures and bottlenecks to elaborate the need for additional measures to accelerate the roll-out of recharging infrastructure across Finland. The work will contribute to the update of the national programme for the development of the distribution networks for alternative transport fuels and a follow-up report on the status of Finland’s charging and fuelling infrastructure.

The working group will take a cross-sectoral approach, involving sectors such as housing, industry, energy, commerce, consumers, transport, logistics, environment, research and different governance levels, under the leadership of the Climate and Environment Unit of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The results of the stock-taking work will be ready by the autumn of 2022, while the programming activities will be ready by spring 2023.

Timo Harakka, Minister of Transport and Communications, stated: ‘As the popularity of electric cars rises, the implementation of charging infrastructure will largely be market-driven, yet there are regional differences in the availability of charging and gas refuelling points as well as in the profitability of building these. The needs of delivery traffic and heavy goods transportation pose particular requirements on this infrastructure. Hydrogen is also among the fuels of the future and we should prepare for hydrogen refuelling needs as well.’

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Article published first in the Helsinki Times on 23 May 2022.

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