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Economic benefits of sustainable mobility interventions

By Eileen O'connell / Updated: 01 Dec 2016

The EVIDENCE project has reviewed a range of material exploring the economic benefits of 'more sustainable' mobility-related interventions with potential to be deployed in urban areas.

This document (available to download below) brings together short summaries of the results of that exercise for each of 22 categories of intervention, or measure as they are termed here. The Measure Summaries contained in the document cover the following topics:

  • Clean vehicles and fuels
  • Urban freight
  • Demand management strategies
  • Mobility management
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Transport telematics

Each summary page contains a graphic illustrating the headlines from the review process a score for the strength of economic benefit and for the amount of evidence readily available, as well as indicating the time frame that you should expect to see the benefits in.

This is supported by the key messages relating to the economic aspects of the measure, as well as concise information on the wider benefits that might flow from deploying the intervention and the factors that could help a city to deploy the measure successfully.

For more about the EVIDENCE project and its outputs, visit its dedicated project page on Eltis.

Summary Reviews of Measures - Independent Review of EVIDENCE

November 2016
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